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Fusion Fulfillment uses the latest web technologies to give you real-time web-based access to your inventory... anytime, anywhere.

Fusion Fulfillment, in partnership with Quality Software Systems, Inc., enables you to:

  • Get instant web access to your merchandise
  • Manage and control your inventory
  • Monitor order fulfillment activity and order status
  • Generate real-time reports
  • Give your customers shipping and tracking information
  • Assign specific roles to employees for secure access


Fusion Fulfillment offers integrations with many of the top e-commerce platform used today.

Contact us today to see if your web shopping cart is among many of the popular e-commerce shopping carts we work with.

Additionally, we also have integration with:

  • Shopify
  • Big Commerce
  • Magento
  • Core Commerce
  • Amazon
  • E-Bay
  • PayPal


Real-time business transparency enables prompt decision making and enhances business growth. Fusion Fulfillment and QSSI provide secure access to your inventory and order data through any internet connection from anywhere in the world. you can view real-time data about your warehouse operations through a web browser.


Many businesses have industry specific challenges that are not met by typical inventory systems. To meet those special needs that are truly unique to your business, ePowerhouse features user defined fields, rules and process flow to support your needs. ePowerHouse can be rapidly  implemented and easily adapted to diverse business requirements.

ePowerHouse can be easily localized to your geographic region with support for multiple languages including Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Hebrew or the language of your choice. Screens can also be formatted to your view and business acronyms through and easy to use utility.


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