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The Real-Time Internet Portal to Your PowerHouse Enterprise

  • Provides real-time internet access to warehouse data, activities and key performance indicators
  • The 3PL Software solutions that enables clients to track the status of expected receipts, inventory levels, order fulfillment and productivity
  • Improves accuracy and customer service by enabling orders and receipts to be entered directly into PowerHouse/WMS
  • Supports comprehensive reporting with access to detailed warehouse and inventory data

Virtualization of the supply chain is requiring companies to implement solutions to access and share increasing amounts of information with their business partners. ePowerHouse is the secure PowerHouse web interface that provides the ability to view the status of your inventory, receiving operations, order fulfillment and performance indicators. In addition to the ability to access large amounts of data, ePowerHouse provides an interface to enter orders, receipts, customers, items and much more.

Because ePowerHouse can be accessed from any internet browser, it is ideal for managers on the move that need to stay informed and 3PL companies whose clients require access to real-time warehouse activities and inventory data.

ePowerHouse provides a competitive edge to Third Party Logistics companies in the increasingly technology driven services industry. ePowerHouse is 3PL Software solution that links the client's business and to their logistics services provider. Utilizing roles based security; users and 3PL clients are granted access to their company's data only maintaining complete control of proprietary business information.


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