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Pick and Pack Fulfillment

Fusion Fulfillment Is Your Pick, Pack & Ship Specialist.

Our pick & pack services include:

  • Pick, pack & ship within 24 hours of order receipt
  • Availability of wide variety of packaging supplies
  • Packing list customized to your order
  • Order confirmations via email to you and your customer (optional)
  • Reports — for inventory, orders, shipped items, etc.

Why Choose Fusion Fulfillment for Your Pick & Pack Needs:

  • We build and ship customized kits and packs built specifically to your custom requirements.
  • Reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction. Our pick & pack accuracy and efficiency is superb and leads to cost saving efficiency and high customer satisfaction.
  • We allow you to save time and provide you with a perfectly picked and packed finished product.
  • We handle all size projects from simple to complex picks, including numerous SKU’s, and simple to meticulous projects.

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