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Did Your Fulfillment Company Drop the Ball This Holiday Season?

The 2014 holiday season was record breaking for ecommerce retailers, with the number of ecommerce orders between December 2nd and December 14th increasing 16.5% compared to the prior year. Black Friday 2014 online sales grew 20.6% over Black Friday 2013, and Cyber Monday online sales grew by 8.5% over Cyber Monday 2013.* The steady increase in ecommerce sales can possibly be attributed to the notable growth of mobile shopping, and the diminishing need to wake up at 4am to fight your way thru Walmart, rather simply clicking ‘add to cart’ from the comfort of your bed.

So how did your business do this holiday season? Were you able to meet the demands of your customers? Did your fulfillment center help you increase sales and exceed customer expectations? If not, it is time to partner with a fulfillment company who has the expertise and proven track record to take your business to the next level.

In trying to take a piece of the enormous ecommerce market, half the battle is achieving customer awareness. The next essential piece is providing an exceptional buying experience, ensuring customer retention and building a great reputation. If your fulfillment company did not provide the services and accuracy needed to contribute to your success, it is time to find a new fulfillment company. Learn more about switching to Fusion Fulfillment for your ecommerce needs, and experience the benefits of working with the ecommerce fulfillment experts who care about your business as much as you do.

*According to Custora

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