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What is Order Fulfillment and Why Is Finding the Right Company Important to my Business?

Order fulfillment is everything that occurs between the point of sale and when the product is received by the customer. It is the process that starts as soon as an order is placed, and includes all the steps necessary to get your product into your customer’s hands. Having an efficient order fulfillment process is detrimental to your company, as poor fulfillment practices can lead to returns and damages which could be costly. The right fulfillment team can be a great asset to the growth and health of your company.

Your Fulfillment Process Affects Your Reputation.

Did you offer prompt service? Did you deliver the product in excellent condition? Did you ship the correct items? If a customer has to answer ‘no’ to any of these questions, you may have lost that customer and most likely their repeat or referral business. Customer satisfaction is the whale all companies are chasing. Customers take into account all aspects of interaction with your company, and expect quality, efficiency and promptness.

A Streamlined Fulfillment Process Can Give You the Leading Edge Over Your Competitors.

Have you ever heard of a company called Amazon? One of the leading factors that give Amazon a big advantage in the market is that they are known for their 2 day shipping. Customers want to click the ‘Complete Order’ button and have that item at their door as soon as possible. They do not want to worry about receiving a damaged product, or the wrong product, or waiting too long to receive an item. In today’s fast paced world we want it now and we want it fast. Offering your customers high quality, fast delivery will give your business the leading edge.

Save Time and Cut Cost.

If you are currently spending time processing orders, kitting, picking and packing and shipping, you are utilizing time that can better be spent focusing on sales and marketing. Outsourcing your warehouse management and order fulfillment can free up your employees to focus on business growth and expansion. Kitting, picking and packing can be extremely time consuming, and outsourcing can prove to be extremely beneficial.

You Are The Expert In Your Field, We Are The Experts In Ours.

You have taken the pain staking steps needed to perfect your product and bring it to market, and now you need to ensure you can match that with the same high quality fulfillment capabilities. You are the expert in your market, now let the fulfillment experts assist you with all of your fulfillment needs. We provide the highest quality ecommerce fulfillment services, and are the experts in everything ecommerce fulfillment.

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