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Why Use Kitting Services?

Kitting is the process of assembling multiple components into one ready to ship kit. Depending on your product or service, kitting can be complex or relatively uncomplicated. Whether your project is large or small, a kitting service can be tremendously helpful to your business.

Some benefits of outsourcing kitting are:

Quality, Accuracy and Consistency

Allowing kitting experts to utilize their management system leads to higher accuracy and allows the supplier to take comfort knowing that their product is being safely managed and expertly assembled.

Fixed Rate

Your kitting and assembly service provider will give you a cost per unit rate that is helpful in calculating your total cost. You are then able to better calculate your product cost.

Volume Flexibility

You do not have to worry about how you will handle an influx in orders. Leaving the kitting and assembly to the experts will take a load off your shoulders just knowing that a high volume of orders will be executed with precision. You have a team of experts ready to handle your high volume orders.

Superior Quality Service

When you have a kitting and assembly partner that provides you a dependable and accurate service, and reliably delivers your product to the customer, you can focus your attention on other aspects of your business.

Calling for a quote will help you better weigh your options. Allowing experts to maintain and assemble your product can help improve your bottom line as well as customer satisfaction. Fusion Fulfillment is the leader in kitting and assembly, specializing in complex projects.

Contact us today and speak with the Kitting and Assembly Specialist.

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