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Trends in US Retail Ecommerce and How to Be Competitive

With retail eCommerce sales reaching a greater-than-ever share of the retail sales total, it is crucial for companies to build their online presence in order to be competitive in the digital marketplace. You are not just competing with online e-tail giants such as Amazon, but every brick and mortar store has a digital storefront as well. So how can you compete?

Currently retail eCommerce sales are highest for computers and consumer electrics, followed by apparel and accessories in second place. The total US retail sales are set to hit over $4.7 trillion this year, and you can be sure that number will continue to grow. Technology continues to improve, making it easier to shop online, and digital advertising is becoming so targeted that you are able to pinpoint your ideal customer and get your business directly in front of their eyes at the exact moment they are looking to make a purchase.

But with all of the technological advances, what can you do to be competitive? And how can you stay competitive in this ever changing, fast paced digital landscape?

Establish Your Company’s Values and What Sets YOU Apart From Others.

Some companies create a core value of providing their customers with the lowest possible price. Others place the value in providing personalized service and attention to their customers. Whatever it is that your business designates as the core value, promote this and let your customers clearly know your values. People feel good when they buy, and when they like your company and what you stand for, it reaffirms that they’ve made a good choice in buying from you. This can be helpful in repeat and referral business.

Provide Flawless Service.

It is imperative to offer an easy ordering process and fast delivery. If someone knows they can click ‘add to cart’ and receive their purchase in 1-2 days, you have just helped pushed them towards the buying finish line. This is where outsourcing your fulfillment can provide you the competitive edge.

Fulfillment companies provide you a fully staffed warehouse, cutting edge 3PL technology, shipping expertise and discounts at your fingertips, and without the steep overhead all of those benefits would normally cost. And the result of providing flawless service and fast delivery is repeat business and the holy grail of internet shopping…. a positive review. When you impress a customer with top quality service, they share their experience online, and each good review adds to the overall health of your business.

Advertise to a Targeted Audience. Let Them Know You Exist!

In a sea of thousands upon thousands of online sellers, how can you be found? If you are looking to drive traffic to your website, targeted advertising such as Google Adwords can be extremely valuable. Did you know there are approximately 11.9 billion Google searches performed each month? People are looking for the services and products your provide every day, but with all of the competition, you are most likely missing out on many customers for the sheer fact that they do not know you exist. Well, you do exist, and you need to shout that from the rooftops.

Target the audience you are advertising to based upon the geographic location you serve as well relevant keywords that pertain to your products. The best part is you only pay when someone is interested and clicks on your ad for more information. This pay-per-click model of advertising allows you to show up on page 1 of Google for only the terms that are relevant to your business. Choose words wisely and you can drive customers looking to buy directly to your online store.

For more insightful tips to being competitive in the eCommerce market, contact Fusion Fulfillment today.

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