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Full Service Fulfillment Center in NJ


Give your customers the same high level of service as the big etailers.

We have leveled the playing field for you:

  • Deliver High Levels of Customer Service.  Access to the same State-Of-The-Art e-commerce programs as the big e-tailers to provide real time shipping and tracking information to your customers. Your custom support costs are reduced when your customers are notified of order status changes via automatic E-mail messages. They can also track their orders online 24/7.

  • Integration.  Sending orders is easy. We support E-mail, File Transfer and Shopping Cart Integration. We can also customize your back-office integration into our 3PL software.

  • Complex Projects.  Unlike other fulfillment service providers we thrive on addressing complex fulfillment projects and special requirements such as "Kitting" projects.

  • Preserve Capital.  Gain access to a fully staffed warehouse and a State-Of-The-Art web-based E-warehouse management system without an upfront investment! Grow your sales without adding fulfillment personnel.

  • Flexible Costs.  Now you can save over what it would cost to fulfill in-house. Only pay for what you use and ensure your company maintains a positive cash flow. We have the flexibility to expand/contract easily so you can adjust to seasonality and save money.

  • Shipping Discounts.  We will pass-on shipping discounts that we get from carriers due to our high volume.

  • E-Commerce.  We understand the special product fulfillment requirements of e-commerce companies. Get the attention you need and deserve to ensure your product fulfillment exceeds your customers' expectations.

  • International Firms Selling to US Market.  Save money and accelerate your time to market by letting us warehouse and ship your products in the US. Exrend your business with a US presence and seamlessly run it from wherever you are located. you can also offer Local Warranty Support fro your products.

  • Growing Businesses.  Give your customers the same high level of service that only the biggest companies get by leveraging our expertise for flawless fulfillment. Save money on your back-end operations and minimize impacts to your cash flow with our flexible pricing and low up-front costs.

  • Growth Services.  From PR & Marketing to Printing and Design Services, we have a power team that provides you with a turnkey solution to accelerated growth.  

You won’t get lost in the operation. At Fusion Fulfillment you will be an important client and receive the same high level of service that up to now was given only to the biggest companies.

We level the playing field by giving you and your customers the same or better service levels than the giant companies by leveraging our expertise and providing flawless fulfillment.

Our flexible pricing and low up-front costs help you minimize impacts to your cash flow, painlessly react to sales volume fluctuation and allow you to allocate resources to activities that will generate more sales to grow your business.

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