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Streamline Your Operations and Get Your Product to Market Faster!

Fusion Fulfillment is a trusted name in order fulfillment, helping you streamline your operations and get your product to market faster and more efficiently. Our e-powerhouse warehouse management technology and automated order processing system ensure accuracy and give you real time reporting and a 24/7 view of your inventory.

We offer customized fulfillment solutions to support your company’s product fulfillment, shipping and supply chain needs. Our core value is to provide the highest level of personalized attention to your business while delivering flawless service. We are equipped to handle any fulfillment requirements, from simple to complex programs, special projects or your entire fulfillment operation with great accuracy and speed.

Our ability to help you lower costs, grow sales and deliver a great experience for your customers is one of the advantages of working with Fusion Fulfillment.


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  • Order Processing and Fulfillment

  • Fast and Flexible Shipping Anywhere in the World

  • Product Assembly

  • Kitting

  • Reverse Logistics / Returns Processing

  • Web Portal Access To Your Inventory and Activity 24/7

  • Quality Control

  • Lot Tracking

  • Pick, Pack and Ship Fulfillment

  • eCommerce Fulfillment

  • Literature and Book Fulfillment

  • Drop Shipping

  • International Parcel Shipping


  • Shopping Cart Integration

  • Kit Production and Assembly Services

  • Lot and Expiration Tracking)

  • Serial Number Tracking & Reporting

  • Electronic Data Interchange

  • Bar Coding and Labeling

  • Secure Processing Areas

  • Retail Point of Purchase Assembly

Fulfillment Services

Markets Served
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