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Fusion Fulfilment has cutting edge 3PL technology.


Real-time, web-based access to your inventory...anytime, anywhere.

The digitization of the supply chain has required companies to implement solutions to access and share increasing amounts of information with their various business partners.


Our advanced web portal has an easy-to-use interface that enables you to:

  • Get instant 24/7 web access from anywhere in the world. 

  • Manage and control your inventory

  • Monitor order fulfillment activity and order status

  • Generate real-time reports

  • Give your customers shipping and tracking information


Fusion Fulfillment offers integrations with many of the top e-commerce platform used today, including:








Visibility & Transparency

Real-time business transparency enables prompt decision making and enhances business growth. Fusion Fulfillment provides real-time, secure access to your inventory and order data through any internet connection from anywhere in the world.


Many businesses have industry specific challenges that are not met by typical inventory systems. While we provide seamless integration with many of the top e-commerce platforms, we can also provide customized integrations based on your specific needs.

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